How it all started...

1873 The humble Beginnings. 

      In the year 1873 Springfield was born from the gathers minds of a small organization of christian workers, they where Rev. Benjamin F. Granade, Dea. Horace Taylor, Brother Lee Wellmaker and Sister Mary Taylor, along with Rev. Ellington and Mr. Stockton of the Caucasian Baptist Church.
      While together the group collectively agreed on a name that was more than fitting for this place of this new place of worship calling it Springfield. Spring meaning the head, a new beginning of a great stream, never still, continuing to rise and go. field meaning  a plant bed where we draw the tender plants and nurture their growth.
    Rev Granade and his flock secured a small building that was once used as a school called the Columbia Institute for $250.00 which later came with 3/4 acres of land on which a pitched roof building was built upon with an addition of 2 more acres.

Expanding the vision...

1979 - 1983

Plans and blue prints for the enlargement of the education center for the youth  was put into action. To accomodate the enlargement many trees where cut down and remove to make way. Building on the new portion of the Educational wing was not set into motion in july of 1983 where the church raised $230,000.00 to begin contstruction

Where we're heading 

In 2018 Keeping with the vision of growth Under the leadership of Rev. F. D. Favors the Pine Street Elementary School was purchased. This school as changed its name multiple times starting with McDuffie Training Institutes for blacks and was the first school for blacks from the McDuffie county area. Now after being one of the schools under the ownership of the McDuffie Board of Education, Springfield Baptist has renamed it the Springfield Multipurpose Complex.   

Full Church History 

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Be a part of our story...